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Gourd: Autumn Wings Large Swan (V26501.FM4.250)

A unique gourd of many colors with wings, warts, and the fruit shape of a swan gourd. Its bulb size is 2.5 or 3" in diameter with a neck up to 12" long. A grand addition to our other fancy ornamental selections for the ornamental trade.

Gourd: Galaxy of Stars (V26042.FM4.250)

An exciting Rupp hybrid gourd mixture in the shape of a 5 point star in many colors that can be mechanically washed. A unique gourd for table decorations.

Gourd: Hoargarth (V26012.FM4.250)

A distinctive orange and dark green gourd, from Rupp, that will add texture to your fall displays. The wart covered fruit are 7" wide by 5" high and grow on an intermediate bush plant.

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