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Pumkin: Pik-A-Pie (V38038.FM4.3M)

A Rupp pie pumpkin with a large, dar green, handle and uniform fruit. Yields an abundance of excellent quality pie pumkin.

Miniature Pumpkin: Gold Dust (V38066.TR.250)

A Rupp developed semi bush hybrid with darker fruit than Jack-B-Quik plus powdery mildew tolerance. Most fruit set close to the crown early and escape virus flecking.

Miniature Pumpkin: Gold Dust (V38066.TR.250)

A Rupp product that is a blend of very large pumpkins with coats of many colors. The base of the blend will be a dark red-orange pumpkin that does not fade in the sun. Other colors are large white, large pink & blue, hubbard blue, plus peach and other nuances discovered in our breeding nursery. All of the fruit are pumpkin shaped and will definitely create a new concept in fall displays.

Miniature Pumpkin: Gold Speck (V38077.TR.250)

A Rupp sister bush hybrid to Gold Dust with similar vine and fruit characteristics but smaller than Jack B Quik and Munchkin. Most fruit set close to the crown early and escape virus flecking. Our highest yielding Jack B Little type.

Specialty Pumpkin: Knuckle Head (V38088.FM4.250)

Largest variety in the Super Freak series. Fruit covered with warts.

Specialty Pumpkin: Goose Bumps II (V38093.FM4.250)

Improved Goose Bumps with higher percentage of fruit covered with warts.

Pumpkin: Phat Jack (V38072.FM4.1B)

A very large Jack O' Lantern pumpkin from Siegers. Tall with a thick handle.

Large pumpkin: Gold Challenger (V38073.FM4.1M)

A semi-bush hybrid with a dark orange rind color, a good handle in the 20 lb class. A very serious competitor even without having powdery mildew tolerance.

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